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Naturally Nuts No-Melt Suet Cylinder - 32 oz#3353

Long-lasting and easy to use, our Naturally Nuts™ No-Melt Suet Cylinders contain peanuts, rendered beef suet, corn and oats. Simply place the cylinder in our Decorative Seed Cylinder Feeder or Dinner Bell Feeder and watch a variety of perching and clinging birds, especially woodpeckers, enjoy.

Our Naturally Nuts™ No-Melt Suet Cylinder is an easy, long-lasting way to offer a high-energy, high-fat food to your birds.

Avoid the mess of melted suet. Offer No-Melt Suet when seasonal temperatures are above 95º F and Suet when temperatures are below 95ºF. No-Melt Suet is rendered and refined to remove impurities that cause spoilage, and it's designed to withstand temperatures up to 130° F.

Also, be sure to shop through our other bird feeding supplies to complement all your bird feeding needs.

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