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Seed Cylinder & Feeder Combo (3550)

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Includes the
 · 1550: WBU Seed Cylinder Bird Feeder - Green Roof
and your choice of Seed Cylinder

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A $42.98 value for $39.99!

A unique feeder for unique food, this gift set comes with our popular Seed Cylinder Feeder (1550) and your choice from the following seed cylinder flavors: (0231) Supreme, (0235) Deluxe, (1293) Cranberry, (1591) Safflower, (3840) Nutty for Nuts®, (W10282) Woodpecker. *Add $3.00 for (W10116) No-Mess. *Add $4.00 for (W10450) Hot Pepper or (W10455) Bug, Nut & Berry.